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About Our Application Security Services

Application security services go hand in hand with network security, data security, and other cybersecurity services to keep companies aware of threats, safe from attacks, and prepared to respond in the event of an incident. Businesses can deploy application security software in lieu or in addition to application security services to maximize their protection efforts...

Our Application security services are designed to protect critical business software from undesired access and mishandling, as well as viruses or other cyber attacks.

Application security providers assist businesses with application security through steps including application design review, application code review, and secure application development. If security flaws are discovered during review, these firms can recommend fixes and work with in-house develops to bolster protection across each platform.

We Offer Complete Website Security.

We provide easy-to-use tools to help protect your site from the most common security threats Malware Detection Removal
Managing Cloud Security
Content Delivery Network
Testing Cyber Security
Security Management
Identifying Threats
SIEM Threat Detection
Server Security
Website Hack Repair
24/7 Security Support.

We provide top-quality application pentests, application security assessments, and application security consulting services. Improve your software security and prevent data breaches.
Our application security solution is robust, scalable, and business-centric and seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of application development. By moving beyond traditional, siloed approaches, cybergon equips enterprises with the right methodology to effectively identify and remediate vulnerabilities. We provide services for every stage of your application development lifecycle:
Strategy, consulting and architecture
  • Secure-Software Development Lifecycle Consulting (S-SDLC)
  • Application security design consulting
  • Application security architecture review / Threat modeling services
  • Static Appsec assessment
  • Dynamic Appsec assessment
  • Mobile application security testing
  • Application security training
Transformation and integration
  • DevSecOps integration services
  • AppSec program management
  • Tool implementation (SAST/DAST/SCA)
  • API testing
  • SAP applications vulnerability assessment
  • Application real time protection
Managed Security Services
  • Application security On-demand
  • Application security assurance-as-a-service
  • Vulnerability validation
  • Customized reporting