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About Our Threat Hunting and Surveilliance | Dark Web Monitoring Tools

Get comprehensive protection for your business against technology-based threats — IT infrastructure risks, systems failure, cyber attacks, data breaches, liability, legal costs, and more. Our added benefits include a 24/7 Helpline and free security monitoring

  • Network Liabilities
  • Managing Cloud Security
  • Data Liabilities
  • Breach Response Costs
  • Regulatory Penalties
  • Security Management
  • Identifying Threats
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Server Security
  • Website Hack Repair
  • 24/7 Security Support

Our Approach Is Simple But Not Time-Wasting

Cyber insurance is one option that can help protect your business against losses resulting from a cyber attack
  • Stolen funds

    If social engineering leads to a fraudulent funds transfer or financial loss, we’ll make you whole (and help recover the funds!)
  • Breach response costs

    We’ll cover the legal, incident response, forensics, and PR costs following a breach, as well as the costs to notify your customers and provide credit monitoring
  • Cyber extortion

    We cover the costs to respond to a ransomware incident, including money, securities, and even crypto currencies paid
  • Computer replacement

    We’ll replace your computer systems negatively impacted by viruses and malware

    Don’t risk your survival by failing to spot a cyber attack

    Increasing digitization has created wide-ranging vulnerabilities for the modern enterprise. As cyber attackers find ever smarter ways to breach security defenses, research suggests that it can take more than a hundred days to detect an attack on your system.
    Thus, the cost of failing to identify an attack has severe implications for your bottom line, from a loss of customer confidence and potential theft of intellectual property, to fines for data security non-compliance.