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About Cyber Forensics | Digital Investigation

The purpose of computer forensics is to provide forensic practices, legal processes, and ethical principles to assure reliable and detailed digital evidence that can be used for the courtroom needs

Why Cyber Forensics?

You could be involved in a wide variety of investigations including; industrial or commercial espionage (spying), commercial fraud, theft of undisclosed or confidential information by company employees, possession of illegal images or even bankruptcy cases.

  • We will provide analysis for emails
  • Extraction of data from logs, contacts, sms, hard drives etc
  • Securing the system's hardware or software to avoid further tampering, and copying its files
  • Examining data from mobile phones and satellite navigation systems to pinpoint locations following electronic data trails to reveal links between individuals or groups
  • Provides actionable guidance on next steps to respond to and eradicate the threat, offering seamless integration with Incident Response
  • Monitoring the network for indicators of compromise and anomalous activity
  • Identifying malicious activity observed on the network
  • Isolating endpoints to prevent lateral movement and malicious communications
  • Analysing file data such as emails or metadata (information embedded in a file describing how and when it was created)
  • Recovering damaged or deleted files, or accessing hidden, protected or encrypted files that hide a person’s or organisation’s identity
  • Recording accurate detail on every stage of your investigation, including the sources of any data and images
  • Writing a technical report based on your findings
  • Giving evidence in a court case
  • keeping up to date with evolving cyber crime methods and developments in IT forensic technology.

    Don’t risk your survival by failing to spot a cyber attack

    Increasing digitization has created wide-ranging vulnerabilities for the modern enterprise. As cyber attackers find ever smarter ways to breach security defenses, research suggests that it can take more than a hundred days to detect an attack on your system.
    Thus, the cost of failing to identify an attack has severe implications for your bottom line, from a loss of customer confidence and potential theft of intellectual property, to fines for data security non-compliance.