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About Our Bug Detection and Sweeping Service | Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM)

Bug Sweeping Benefits for You and Your Business An electronic bug sweeper is essential for any business hoping to add an extra element of security to their plans. By sweeping your business for bugs, you can pick up on how to sweep the room yourself, alongside experts and with minimum fuss. You want your business premises to feel safe and by having a conclusive sweep for bugs, this can be achieved. Any hidden listening devices or bugged equipment, such as keyboards can be uncovered and reported back to you promptly. Choosing to hire a professional service to bug sweep your home or business environment is not a decision that is taken lightly. It is usually made after a period of feeling great unease, and possibly a detrimental time for your business. There are lots of reasons you might suspect you are under surveillance, and once you’re concerned, the feeling is very hard to shake.

Why Is It Important to Sweep for Bugs?

It’s important to bug sweep your business for a lot of reasons – here are some that we think are the most necessary:
  • Detrimental to your business – If someone is monitoring your business, they will be aware of every detail, fact, idea or action that goes on within your work environment. This information could be used against you in a whole manner of situations – copyright cases, fraud, theft. Anything picked up by monitoring bugs will threaten your business’ security, and leave you in a very precarious position.
  • Affects your personal wellbeing – On top of the professional risks, being under the surveillance of monitoring bugs can have a serious effect on you personally. You can begin to feel paranoid, and totally uneasy and uncomfortable in your place of work – which is somewhere you should always feel safe and secure.

Spy Device Locations

Eavesdropping detection will involve searching residences, vehicles, offices, and many other locations. Furthermore, technicians can also use their skill to discover monitoring methods in software such as computers and smartphones. These are just a few examples of the many different places a listening device can be found.

Victims of Spy Devices

There are a multitude of reasons individuals and organizations could be subject to exploitations by monitoring devices. Businesses are sometimes found to be involved in corporate espionage: obtaining valuable company information from competitors. People are also occasionally the victim of spying for reasons such as personal disputes or unjustly retribution. Thankfully, with cybergon, the victims of eavesdropping devices have recourse.

Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of devices and methods unsavory people can use to spy on individuals. Getting a glimpse or an idea of these devices/ methods will make it apparent the sophistication of the equipment and skill needed to counter these monitoring devices. The methods of spying can be,

  1. Hacking a computer for obtaining audio and video
  2. Modifying phone systems for "room monitoring"
  3. Inserting hidden monitoring apps in a phone
  4. Hiding microphones
  5. Hiding video recording devices
  6. Wiretapping of phone lines
  7. Infrared transmitters
  8. Radio frequency video cameras
  9. Wired CCTV Cameras
  10. Contact microphones
  11. Magnetic tape recorders
  12. Wire microphones
  13. Internal inductive telephone taps
  14. PBX hard-wire taps
  15. Accidental wiring vulnerabilities
  16. Inert frequency transmitters
  17. Radio Frequency telephone transmitters
  18. Frequency hopping transmitters
  19. Spread spectrum transmitters
  20. Carrier current transmitters
  21. Telephone infinity transmitters

Staff Training on Bug Detection and Sweeping

You might also consider awareness training for your staff, so their relevant person is knowledgeable about electronic devices, such as spy-bug, GPS trackers, data loggers, motion-activated sensors, and other methods which adversaries of spies will use to either follow you, record you, track you, monitor your movements or listen into your private and confidential meetings. These types of devices are getting smarter & cheaper:

a SIMCARD enabled (GSM) in double plug socket transmitter will work for many years (global) an unregistered or copied sim card could be used in these types of spy devices hardwired RF devices were hidden in an existing and functioning electronic device devices programmed to disable themselves upon scanning devices with masked heat and RF signature nano-technology enabled devices (very small) frequency hopping devices are more difficult to dete