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About Cyber Forensics | Digital Investigation

Network security assessments are crucial in reinforcing existing company cybersecurity protocols and protecting internal data.

Why Network Security?

No system is immune to cyberattacks. To safeguard these systems a comprehensive network security audit is necessary. And to be effective, a thorough and complex set of network security checks must be done to discover potential security weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfiguration errors within a network.

  • White box external and internal network penetration tests
  • External and internal vulnerability assessments
  • Human error (phishing, telephone impersonation, access controls, email filters, and spam)
  • Remote access security
  • Internal network security posture assessment

    Don’t risk your survival by failing to spot a cyber attack

    Increasing digitization has created wide-ranging vulnerabilities for the modern enterprise. As cyber attackers find ever smarter ways to breach security defenses, research suggests that it can take more than a hundred days to detect an attack on your system.
    Thus, the cost of failing to identify an attack has severe implications for your bottom line, from a loss of customer confidence and potential theft of intellectual property, to fines for data security non-compliance.